Project management

Project management

Through our experience and expertise, we are able to contribute to all phases of the projects which include:

  • Design
  • Survey
  • Permits (exhibition, installation etc.)
  • Drawings, strength calculations
  • Production
  • Transportation
  • Installation
  • After-sales service (maintanance, warranty cases)

Every project has a personal project manager with experienced team.

Some major projects: 2019 Lindex

Diferent lightboxes and letters, manufacturing, order by CIC

Advertising spots  of  self service stations , manufacturing and installation,  Coop ( 12 sites, continues)

Statoil fuel stations rebranding to Circle K, manufacturing and installation (78 stations)

Big channel letters to commercial building Delta Plaza ( h=... and ...,

Pylons for Eesti Gaas gas stations, manufacturing and installation (29 pcs)

EMT rebranding to Telia, different signs, manufacturing and installation (20 sites)

Kristiine mall lightboxes and letters, manufacturing and installation ( ca 50 pcs )

Honda, Toyota and Nissan  car dealers new look in Baltics , installation ( 25 dealers)

Statoil fuel stations new look, Statoil Eesti AS, installation ( 55 stations)

Sampo bank (15 pcs)

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