Decals and stickers

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Decals and stickers

Turn off the light

Material: Foil

Finishing/Color: There are no limits, all designs can be printed. Also choice of factory tones

Thickness: levelled, up to 0,3mm

Decals and stickers has become more and more popular. The appearance of each detail can be made unique with stickers and foils – Cars, windows, doors, facades, floors etc. Choice of different foil types is very large. Best-in-class foils are designed to last up to 7 years.

You can choose from the following categories: Window decals

From short-term campaign stickers to decals that last for years, we present you with an option that guarantees a quality result. We also install perforated films, UV protection decals, and exterior safety and security films.

From bicycles to airplanes – we can cover any shape! You can use vehicle decals to change the colour of your car, to protect the existing paint or to add logos and design elements to your vehicles. We also offer reflective advertisement solutions and safety decals for truck tarpaulins, all of which are visible in the dark.

These decals are meant for thousands and thousands of footsteps. They are covered in hard-wearing floor laminate and are perfect for shopping malls and other spaces that welcome large crowds on daily basis.

Roll-ups, posters, corporate graphics, vehicle advertisements, fair boxes, wallpaper printing, interior design solutions – you name it! Our photo prints are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions, our paints are UV light and waterproof, and our materials range from different film and papers to PVC banners, PVC films and textiles. If you want to catch attention in a unique manner, photo print is the way to go.

We offer decal installation service across the country and across the world. No shape, size or location is too difficult for our experienced installation team.

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