What are the technical requirements for print files?

The maximum printing width we can do is 1615 mm per roll.
The maximum resolution is 1440 dp (this guarantees very high-quality printing works for
photos, decals, advertising banners, etc.).

What file type do I have to use when sending my image to you?

  1. Pdf (Adobe)
  2. Cdr (CorelDraw)
  3. Ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  4. PSD (Photoshop)
  5. Tiff
  6. Jpg
  7. Eps

What print materials are available?

We offer a large variety of materials, so you can choose from different sticker films, PVC banners, PVC films, textiles, papers, etc.

What do I have to pay in mind?

  1. You don’t need to add any technical markings or bleed to your file.
  2. Make sure that the print file compiles with the necessary proportions and that the raster files have the correct resolution.
  3. If the file has been created in vector graphics, convert all fonts to curves or forward us your desired font.
  4. When it comes to colours: the raster files should be converted to CMYK; the vector files can either be in CMYK or can be defined according to Pantone Solid Coated catalogue.

What is the best way for getting the file to you?

All regular data carriers – CDs, CD ROMs, memory sticks, etc. – are mostly suitable. You can also use our ftp server for transporting extra large-scale files.