Experts of illuminated advertising signs

Since 1994 our company has dealt with the three main trends: preparation, installation and maintenance of illuminated signs. During years we have constantly moved to the larger office space, provided work for more and more people, completed the production technologies and management methods, found the best partners and created the increasingly more reliable relationship with the loyal clients. We are surely looking forward to more new clients and top-quality cooperation partners. We are always ready to introduce the products and services provided by us. Our project and sales specialists are at your disposal and, if needed, you are welcome to see our production base. We wish to give our contribution so that the facades of houses had top-quality and visually enjoyable advertising signs.

Springmari Reklaamikoda and environment


The company considers the use and recycling of the environment-saving solutions important.

The activities of Springmari Reklaamikoda comply with the environment management certificate ISO 14001:2008.

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