Brief overview of stickers

The sticker is often the cheapest, best and fastest solution. In case of stickers the correct material should be selected according to the usage place – for indoor or outdoor conditions, poster or sticker for vehicle etc. The choice of correct material guarantees the long and high-quality duration of the sticker.

Depending on the complicacy and run of stickers the production technologies are different. The more complicated photos, pictures and designs are printed on the sticker, the more simple texts and images are cut out with special sticker cutter.

We are the qualified producer on behalf of 3M and we are allowed to provide the guarantee with international validity of 3M MCS (Matched Component System) for the works performed. To provide the guarantee all materials used for work should be made by 3M and the work processes should function according to the method set by 3M. The length of the guarantee is up to 10 years.